Wright Technologies Inc. specializes in ultra precision machining, seven-axis CNC Swiss machining and four-axis CNC milling.
  • Saves 30%-40% in cycle time while making quality parts faster, thus reducing labor costs.
  • Allows machining parts in one setup without secondary operations.
  • Micro precision machining ultra precision parts that measure as small as .005" Dia. and as large as 1.250" Dia. with +/- .0001"
Prototype and Production Work, Contract Manufacturing, Swiss Type CNC Machining, Assemblies and Finishes.
Our top of the line 7 axis CNC Swiss Machines can handle jobs that require milling, drilling, turning and tapping performed simultaneously for low and high volume production.
Customers choose Wright Technologies Inc. for dental implants, titanium bone screws, compression screws, spinal fixation rods, valvulotome catheters, and needle timing valves.
Wright Technologies Inc. is your single source for Micro Precision Machined parts from start to finish.
Quality is our business
1380 W Howard Street - Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone: 847-258-5253 Email: sales@wrighttechnologiesinc.com